Submission to KRS Working Group

Draft Urban Design Framework

City of Boroondara

Brian Walsh

KEW 3101

5th May 2003

Note: E-mail Copy:
To extend access and clarify some References this E-mail Copy of the Submission uses Internet hyperlinks to original documentation  instead of  the photocopied Attachments used in the Fax Copy sent to Council. If  hyperlinks have subsequently been changed the Fax Copy shall prevail.


In my submission the Working Group should withdraw the current Draft UDF on the grounds that::

1. The UDF outcomes to date display:

2. The UDF process to date has been flawed by: B. SUMMARY

In summary I submit that, as a consequence of the above problems there has been a complete failure of the vision for this site during Stage 1, and that a new shared vision is required for Stage 2 that will address the need for consensus for action.


1. A New Vision should be adopted in accord with current Government policy initiatives and priorities as follows:

"Develop the KRS site as a world leader in combining the effective use of urban open space, heritage values, and new technology to deliver outcomes in personalised healthcare, education, commerce, and government by capturing the social and economic benefits of new forms of urban connectivity and residential services."

2. Use the State Government’s September 2002 UDF Practice Note guidelines to get Stage 1 practices and procedures back on track, and to ensure appropriate expert studies and site models are completed;

3. Implement an adequate and comprehensive community consultation process, with particular regard to the needs and requirements of KRS residents. Publicly available material on the Working Group’s website should include lists of all parties who consult with the Group, and copies of all submissions.

4. Identify the roles and requirements of potential development and funding partners with regard to (1) above.

5. Redraft the UDF in accord with the DOI ‘UDF Practice Note’, and include a staged development timeframe that is first shown to be acceptable to all the current KRS residents and their advocate groups.

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    Extract: KRS UDF Preliminary Consultants’ Recommendations., 2002 (See: ATTACHMENT 3. in Fax Copy)

    1. A detailed traffic study will be required to investigate all traffic requirements and movement issues.
    KRS Preliminary Site Report p.14. March 2002

    2. An integrated study by the City of Boroondara of the original Lunatic Asylum Reserve should be considered…. (p.22) Further the role of this once continuous reserve is important in Melbourne’s history, and its fragmentation is unfortunate. A more detailed study of the precinct is warranted with a view to making its past as a reserve more apparent. This may mean specific strategies to reconnect separated activities and sites. (p.50)
    3. Connections and links to the Yarra north of Earl Street should be identified and also pursued where possible. (p.52)
    KRS Morphology Study, Leigh Woolley, May 2002