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Paper: Leader - Progress Press (Melbourne, Australia)
Title: Letters
Date: August 30, 2005
Plea to save  cottage land

Asylum to community" was a book sponsored by the World Federation for Mental Health and launched in New York in 1961.

On pages 124-126 there is an illustrated account of the dreadful conditions at the Kew Cottages.

Publicity given by a sympathetic press resulted in a public appeal, individual donations and extensive support from service groups.

Organisations, including the Kew Cottages Parents Association, and the Retarded Children Organisation gave enormous help towards the reforms of the cottages.

I would urge each of these groups to apply pressure on the government to have a judicial inquiry into the sale of the Crown land.

Dr Cunningham Dax

former chairman of the Victorian
Mental Health Authority,

Balwyn North.

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