Time for The Age to open its eyes in Kew ?

Kew Cottages Coalition <admin@kew.org.au> Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 5:23 PM

To: letters@theage.com.au
Your editorial 'Time to end neglect in Dandenong' (28/9) suggests The Age has finally lost its way in Melbourne. You wrote, " On a purely pragmatic level, it is hard to see the Government wresting control from Liberal-dominated councils in suburbs such as Kew or in other areas where residents take a protective interest in planning issues..."

Yet that is precisely what the Bracks Government has done !

Bracks has overridden local democracy at Kew Cottages, at Burnley Gardens, and at Royal Park to name just three such areas. The battle for Boroondara continues at Kew Cottages, and the contestants in the form of the Bracks Government and Boroondara Council return to the lists at VCAT on 14th October.

Ignorance is a poor defense for a free press. Melbourne deserves better. See

Brian Walsh
Kew Cottages Coalition