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Paper: Leader - Progress Press (Melbourne, Australia)
Date: October 11, 2005

Cottages site: what's planned

I WRITE to clarify inaccuracies in Brian Walsh's letter (``Come clean on Kew Cottages'', Progress Leader, September 20).

That said, I welcome debate on the issue, as it is the hallmark of a strong democracy.

The State Government is not proposing high-rise flats to replace Kew Cottages.

For Mr Walsh to infer they will be as high as 81m is unfounded, as is his mudbrick house remark.

To say that the Government is avoiding Boroondara Council is also to ignore the fact the proposal is under discussion between my department, council and the Walker Corporation.

The council has provided extensive comments in relation to the development plan and my department has considered these comments and continues to work with the council.

While details of the proposal are yet to be finalised, I can say that at least 27 per cent of the site will be public open space.

It will retain three heritage-listed buildings, significant vegetation, avenues of trees and memorials.

It will also include a $3 million community leisure facility featuring a pool, spa, hydrotherapy pool, gymnasium and a consulting room for health practitioners.

The majority of the housing will be single- or double-storey, and only 2.7ha will be used for apartments the tallest being five storeys, a far cry from an 81m tower.

Rob Hulls,
Minister for Planning.

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