Extract from KRS Development Agreement  (p.94)

B15 Community Facilities

B1 5.1 Hydrotherapy pool
(a) Subject to paragraph (b) the Developer must ensure that there is
continuous access to the hydrotherapy pool at all times during the
Construction Works until an alternative hydrotherapy pool is available as
part of the Recreation Centre.
(b) If the Construction Works result in the hydrotherapy pool being
unavailable for use prior to completion of the Recreation Centre, the
Developer must provide to the satisfaction of the State at the Developer's
cost access to equivalent alternative facilities to the hydrotherapy pool so
that KRS Residents have access to a hydrotherapy pool at all times.


Department of Infrastructure
  Major Projects Victoria
    Contract Details
    Contract No        3669
    Title        Kew Residential Services Development Agreement
    Type of Contract        Construction contracts

    Total Estimated Cost        $60,000,000.00
    Start Date        27-October-2006
    Expiry Date        26-October-2014
    Status        Open
    Category        Building, Construction and Maintenance Services
    Tender No       
     Description and/or Documents

The parties to the agreement are both Kew Development Corporation (as Developer) and Walker Corp (as Guarantor).

The start date is 27/10/06 and the end date is, subject to clause A5.2, the earliest to occur of:

a) the date when all lots forming part of the project are the subject of a delaing and the State has received the Guaranteed Land Share payment and Revenue Share Payment in respect of all dealings in accordance with Part D of the contract;
b) an agreement between the parties to end the project term; and
c) the date being 8 years from the operative date.

Total value is $60m including GST.  This contract valuation reflects the minimum return to the State.



2006 Kew Cottages Melbourne: KRS Development Agreement Vol 1. Oct'06 (S1-3)
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Author:           Department of Infrastructure
Publication Name:           Contract, Victorian Government Contracts Publishing System
Publish Date:           Oct 27, 2006
Pages:           20,061,027
Publication Volume:           Sections 1-3 (of 6)
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Type:           Agreements,
ID:           20061027 doi1
Actor:           Walker Corporation, Lang Walker, Graham Richardson,
Issue:           Agreements, Political Donations, Walker, Mirvac, Health, Disability, Planning & Environment, Heritage, Fundraising, Richardson,


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