Boroondara Councillors: Kew Cottages Survey Questions.
  1. On 23rd August 2004 the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria recommended that Kew Cottages be added to the Victorian Heritage Register. Do you support the Heritage Victoria recommendation?
  2. Yes No
  3. At the meeting of the Boroondara Urban Planning Special Committee held on 4th August 2003, did you vote for or against the amendment that the City of Boroondara advise the State Government it was inappropriate to sell the KRS site for redevelopment?
  4. For Against
  5. Have you had cause to reconsider your position on Kew Cottages since August 2003?
  6. Yes No
  7. Would you support a new motion to oppose the sale of the Kew Cottages land and keep the site in public ownership?
  8. Yes No
  9. Would you support a motion to redevelop land on the KRS site as parkland linking into the adjacent Yarra Bend National Park?
  10. Yes No
  11. What public facilities if any should be provided on the KRS site as part of its redevelopment?
  12. Should the State Government succeed in selling the land to commercial developers what is the minimum percentage of publicly owned and accessible green open space that should be provided as part of the development (excluding roads and footpaths)?
  13. Given that Kew Cottages has been part of the community since 1887, to what extent do you believe it is the role of Boroondara councillors to engage in debate on the issue of how best to house and support the intellectually disabled residents currently living at Kew Cottages?
  14. As at December 2003 there were 3155 intellectually disabled people in Victoria waiting for supported full-time accommodation. How will you ensure the needs of intellectually disabled people remain a priority in the redevelopment of Kew Cottages?