From - Mon Jun 14 23:59:08 2004 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.11.6p2/8.11.6) with ESMTP id i2V59P404999 for ; Wed, 31 Mar 2004 15:09:26 +1000 From: Subject: KRS Site Developer EOI 2982 Reply-To: Sender: "Tenders" To: Message-ID: Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 15:09:13 +1000 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii X-Mozilla-Status: 9001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-UIDL:,S=7621 KEW RESIDENTIAL SERVICES (KRS) REDEVELOPMENT ACCOMMODATION REPLACEMENT PROJECT EOI E-2982 ? SITE DEVELOPER TRANSMITTAL 2 ? 31 March 2004 With respect to queries received since Transmittal 1, dated 24 March 2004, from potential respondents, the following responses are provided. 008 ? ?Is it intended that DHS is to be the service provider to the existing residents throughout the redevelopment period and thereafter?? Yes, DHS will remain as the service provider for the residents on site during the redevelopment, and to the residents that remain in the 20 on-site community houses. 009 ? ?Is there an approved Development Plan in place? What is the desired / required lot yield / density of the site including the 20 new on-site houses for residents? What approvals are still to be obtained to enable civil and housing works to proceed? Has DHS considered the impact of delays from the above approvals in regard to the provision of the 20 new on-site houses?? The successful developer will be responsible for preparing the Development Plan in accordance with the Planning Scheme / UDF. The Department will provide input into the preparation of the Development Plan where applicable to ensure key stakeholders requirements are addressed. A lot yield for the site has not been established, other than a site density matrix, which appears in the UDF. The ultimate yield of the site must comply with all planning documents. Accordingly, responsibility for obtaining all permits will rest with the Developer. Yes, the Department has considered the impact of the approvals process on the provision of the 20 on-site houses and the Department will look to work collaboratively with the Developer to ensure that the wellbeing of residents is paramount throughout the process and timelines are achieved. 010 ? ?Certain websites relating to KRS were identified by a search on Google, do they refer to the same KRS site as covered by EOI E2982? Is it correct that the current Planning Scheme Amendment referred to (C53) is not supported by Boroondara Council, and that there has been significant public opposition to the Government's decision to sell the land? Does DHS intend to remove some intellectually disabled residents from their current homes on the site without their consent? What undertakings will DHS provide to ensure that the developer is not held legally responsible for any risks or damages incurred on the site, particularly with respect to the health and safety of intellectually disabled residents? What form of access to the site will those people with disabilities remaining on site require? For example, will they need to move around the site to access existing facilities and open space during the construction phase ? Will they have special health and safety requirements with regard to services, traffic, construction works, fire hazards etc? What protocols are proposed for communication between developer's staff, contractors, and residents? Section 2 (Project Scope and Program) states inter alia that : "It is intended that the 20 new homes for existing residents be completed on a staged basis with progressive handover to DHS during the 9 to 12 months leading up to mid 2006, by which date all 20 houses are to be completed." a) Who does DHS envisage will own the titles to the latter properties - DHS or the developer ? b) And on what basis? Is it correct that Heritage Victoria is currently considering proposals with respect to the site? a) What is the nature and extent of the proposals being considered by Heritage Victoria? b) When is a decision expected by Heritage Victoria? In what way does the Planning Scheme Amendment referred to currently reflect Heritage Victoria's deliberations? What other Heritage and Environmental issues will require special consideration with respect to: a) The overall Development Plan? b) The timing and form of construction works in particularly sensitive areas of the site - eg potential areas of Aboriginal archeological sensitivity ? What traffic and public transport studies have already been completed with respect to this site? - As a correction to item 006 in Transmittal 1 dated 24 March 2004, there are several websites that do refer to the KRS site, an official DHS website that contains some information on the current use of the site is . Please ensure any queries as a result of this website review are directed via email to the contact officers identified in the EOI Brief, ie to Ian Leong at carbon copied to Rob Fisher at - The Planning Scheme Amendment C53 is the result of a lengthy and detailed consultation process with Boroondara Council. The document has been signed and approved by the Minister of Planning. - People are progressively moving from KRS to better accommodation. Decisions about where each person will live are made following an extensive consultation process and are subject to external scrutiny and review including by the Intellectual Disability Review Panel and the Office of the Public Advocate. People have identified up to three preferences and the DHS is placing people according to their needs and attempting to meet their preferences. - The Developer will assume certain risks and obligations in developing the site and the Department (depending on its role in the development) will also retain some risks and obligations. The allocation of project risks will be established during the detailed negotiation phase with the preferred developer. - People will be living on, and progressively leaving, the site throughout the redevelopment. Their services are the responsibility of DHS/KRS and protocols around site access will be developed. - The successful developer and DHS will develop a communication plan during the development phase, which will cover all stakeholders. - The Secretary to DHS, in its capacity as a body corporate under the Health Act 1958 will hold the freehold titles to the on-site community houses. - We understand that Heritage Victoria were reviewing nominated proposals relating to the KRS site. We have been unable to identify the exact position of these reviews at this time. However this will be further defined in the Detailed Brief for Site Developers. - In so far as Heritage Victoria has not formally advised the outcome of any recent deliberations relating to the site, the Planning Scheme reflects the current heritage status. - The Urban Design Framework sets out the requirements of sustainability issues to be addressed as part of the overall site development. - Included within the UDF are the latest traffic studies undertaken as they relate to the site. These include a Traffic Impact Report and a Traffic Simulation model. The closing date for Expressions of Interest remains as 2.00pm on Thursday 1st April 2004. Submissions to be lodged in the Tender Box, Department of Human Services, 11th floor, 589 Collins Street, Melbourne