Attn: Chris Johnstone, Planning Department, Boroondara Council.
Dear Chris,
I live in Boroondara.
I work in Boroondara.
I am a friend of Kew Cottages, but do not live or work in Boroondara.
I urge Boroondara Council to implement the proposed Boroondara Local Tree law in order to help protect significant trees throughout the municipality.

In particular I urge Council to apply the law to help protect the large number of Significant trees in the grounds of Kew Cottages - Boroondara's largest State Listed Heritage site. Boroondara Council's List of Significant Trees must, therefore, now be updated to include all the Heritage Trees and other Significant Trees in the grounds of Kew Cottages.

This matter is particularly urgent due to the Bracks Government's current construction works in the Cottages grounds adjacent to the Yarra Bend Park. I understand serious damage has already occurred to the trees, and that more damage is likely unless Council acts quickly to stop it. Heritage trees already removed from the Cottages include a rare one hundred year old National Trust Bishops Pine Tree. I have heard that River Red Gums and other native trees have also been removed without a permit.These include a stand of trees near the Canary Island Pines on Princess Street that was being used by a family of locally rare Black Cockatoos.

I am told that the Bracks Government also now plans to axe one of Boroondara's largest Yellow Box Trees at Kew.

This tree vandalism must be stopped.

Council's official "Inventory and Assessment of Indigneous Flora and Fauna in Boroondara" identifies the latter Yellow Box tree as biologically the most important tree in the Cottages grounds.Council must use the new law to help protect this large Yellow Box tree without delay.

Thank you.