Subject: Re: Kew Cottages Coalition Election Survey
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:45:07 +1000
To: bw <>

Thanks for you Email Brain,

As you rightly point out the elections are in November. No one is actually
a candidate at the moment, nor will they be by September 20. In fact no one
will be a candidate until October 20. As you say the purpose of the survey
is to inform people regarding candidates views I cannot help because I am
not one.

However, I am happy to state how I have voted in the past. When the UDF
came to Council I abstained as I did not believe that we should be making
such an important decision at so late an hour. With regards to the motion
of telling the State Gvt that we did not believe that the land should be
sold, I voted in favour.

With best wishes,

Coral Ross.


Subject: Kew Cottages
Coalition Election Survey

Dear Councillor.

In light of the forthcoming Boroondara Council elections in November,
the Kew Cottages Coalition is concerned to clarify the positions of
individual councillors regarding the redevelopment of Kew Cottages - now
Kew Residential Services (KRS).

It is our view that this is not only the most significant issue facing
the shire of Boroondara at the present time but that decisions made now
will have long-term ramifications for both the wider community and

We invite you to respond in writing by Monday 20th September 2004 to the
attached one page survey.

Understanding your views will we believe help residents cast their votes
in a responsible and informed manner. You can simply forward the
completed form to us by email, or you may choose to print out a hardcopy
and fax or post it to the address on the survey form.

We will be seeking further information from candidates before the
election, and we look forward to promoting the nature and form of your
response – or lack of response, widely throughout the electorate.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Walsh,

Kew Cottages Coalition
PO Box 2317
KEW 3101


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