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Explore the Corruption ?

The Yarra River Green Wedge established in 1984. Kew, Melbourne Australia.

This prize 27 hectare site just kilometres from the city is

being developed on a model than concerns

the Committee greatly....

David Davis MLC
Select Committee
of the
Legislative Council
Public Land Development.

It was September 11th 2008

"... The final financial return to the State will not be known until the end of the project....">>

Department of Human  Services
March 29th 2010

  "...  If a con game is successful, the mark does not realize he has been "taken" (cheated), at least not until the con men are long gone..."
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Don't Screw Kew


7pm Tuesday 7th March 2023
The Battle for Boroondara's Heritage continues


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20 Years On

2003 - 2023


Thursday 23rd February 2023

The Age

The Age 23 Feb 2023

The most memorable Minister for Major Projects in the Bracks Government meets his nemesis ?

Thursday 23rd February 2023


 The Gaurdian 23 Feb 2023

While Lang Walker continues to attract the attention of State Governments and the National press...

20 Years On

2003 - 2023


















Walker KRS Contract

The Andrews/Walker Contract appears to have expired on 31 December 2020 ....
but the financial return to the State has still not been disclosed...

Parliament of Victoria

Wednesday 2nd August 2022

Heritage Protection on trial...

Interim Report

...

For more information visit the Committee’s website

Tuesday 21st March 2022

Despite the Ombudsman's Recommendations

No response from the State Minister for Infrastructure
Kew Public Meeting Resolutions


                                                          Minister for
                                                          Transport |

... Read More >

Tuesday 15th
March 2022

Motions passed Unanimously


The following Motions were passed unanimously by the Public Meeting:

Kew Public Meeting Resolutions

1.This Public Meeting calls on all parties contesting the 2022 Victorian State Election to commit to:

i) Implement a ban on Developer Donations, as is already in place in both NSW and Queensland; and

ii) Establish a Parliamentary Inquiry to consider and report by December 2023 on the adequacy of the Heritage Act 2017, and the State heritage framework in relation to heritage protection in Victoria.

20220315KCC_AGM_Zoom - Compatibility Mode

2 . This Public Meeting calls on the State Government to explain without further delay:

i. What is the current contract status of the Kew Cottages Walker Development ?

ii. What has been the financial return to the State ?

20220315KCC_AGM_Zoom - Compatibility Mode

7pm Tuesday 15th March 2022


Victoria's Heritage Protection on Trial
Act 2

March Newsletter

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 Newsletter Print Version

Power Point Presentation Print Version  here
AGM Draft Minutes  here
AGM Audio  here

Monday 31st January 2022

Kew Cottages Coalition Submission

"Death by a Thousand Cuts"

KCC Submission - Death by a Thousadn
...

For more information visit the Committee’s website

Parliament of Victoria

Monday 25th October 2021

Heritage Protection on trial...

Committee calss for Submissions by 31
                            JAn 2022

...

For more information visit the Committee’s website

Wednesday 21st September 2021

Kew Cottages Coalition Submission
"Core Promises.."
Heritage Victoria
Re: Heritage Core Permit Application
48D Main Drive, Kew (Stage 9)

                                                          KCC Sub to HV
                                                          re P33849
...

Wednesday 8th September 2021

Public Notice
Heritage Victoria call for Submissions
P33849 - Proposed Heritage Core Development

Wednesday 31st March 2021
Kew Public Meeting

Motions passed Unanimously


The following Motions were passed unanimously by the Public Meeting:

1. We call on Jacinta Allan (Minister for Priority Precincts) to provide an assurance to the Parliament that she, her Departmental Secretary and the Head of Development Victoria will all appear before the Legislative Council Inquiry into Heritage Protection.

2. We call on the Minister for Planning to provide an assurance to the Parliament that he, his Departmental Secretary and Deputy Secretary will all appear and give evidence before the Legislative Council Inquiry into Heritage Protection.

3. This Public Meeting supports the plan for the Kew Cottages Coalition to make a submission to the National Disability Royal Commission highlighting the issues related to Kew Cottages as a clear case study of governmental exploitation of the disabled to sell a major public asset and service, with no substantive benefit for disabled Victorians.

7pm   Wednesday 31st March 2021

Victoria's Heritage Protection on Trial


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Walk the site online with Google Streetview
Rod Quantock, MC, OAM

Guest Speakers:
Clifford Hayes MLC
Cr Nick Stavrou

Monday 9th November 2020

Boroondara Council Election...
Nick Stavrou
Cr Nick Stavrou, Studley Ward

Nick Stavrou

Read More here

Monday 9th November 2020


Boroondara City Council election results 2020


Parliament of Victoria

Friday 30th October 2020

Heritage Protection on trial...

Clifford Hayes MP.

Successfully calls for a Parliamentary Inquiry
into Heritage Protection

Wednesday 28th October 2020

'Heritage Lost' probe
See below: Public Meeting 26 Feb 2020 - Resolution 2.

Thursday 3rd  September 2020

Boroondara Council Chamber

Boroondara Council Election...

Read more here

Tuesday 11th  August 2020

... Heritage Victoria's response to KCC Submission... 
Read more here

HV Cover Letter reaponse to KCC

Read more here

Thursday 16th July  2020

Kew Cottages Coalition Submission to Heritage Victoria
Re: Draft Covenant

                                                          Cover Letter

... if there is to be any realistic hope of the Heritage listed trees being properly protected ... then the Draft Covenant must be withdrawn, redrawn, and re-advertised for public comment...
Download the complete KCC Submission  here (Zip File)

Friday 26th June
Public Notice
Heritage Victoria call for Submissions
P26760 - Proposed Covenant

                                                          Notice H2073

"... The Covenant will bind the owners of 1-8 Main Drive at the above place to the implementation of the approved Tree Management Plan...

Parliament of Victoria

Thursday 18th June  2020

Jacinta Allan
Jacinta Allan, Minister for Priority Precincts

The new Minister for Priority Precincts provides a late reply to Clifford Hayes  QUESTION ON NOTICE
(Victorian Parliament QON No.1873,  17 March 2020)

See below: Public Meeting 26 Feb 2020 - Walker Kew Cottages Contract Resolution 4.

I thank the member for Member for Southern Metropolitan for his question......

"Stage Nine (sic) , which is now being developed, features an apartment complex and is being delivered by KDC. Early works on the Apartments commenced this year.

Any request for an extension of the project term will be considered by Development Victoria in accordance with the conditions in the agreement.

All sales are being carried out in compliance with the relevant legal requirements."

Monday 1st June  2020
Parliament of Victoria

Richard WynneClifford Hayes
Richard Wynne, Victorian Minister for Planning                                                   Clifford Hayes, MLC, Southern Metropolitan, Sustainable Australia


Thursday 19th March  2020

Parliament of Victoria


Wednesday 26th February 2019

Kew Public Meeting

Motions passed Unanimously


The following Motions were passed unanimously by the Meeting:

1. Given Heritage Victoria’s difficulty in enforcing the mandated Phytophthora control regulations, we call on Gavin Jennings, Minister for Priority Precincts to immediately halt all further development on the Kew Cottages site until the level of Phytophthora contamination can be accurately defined.

2. This Public Meeting calls on the Legislative Council of the Victorian Parliament to establish an inquiry into Heritage Protection in Victoria.

3. This Public Meeting calls on the Minister for Planning to commit to returning Kew Cottages Planning Authority to Boroondara Council when the Walker Development Contract expires on 31 Dec 2020

4. This Public Meeting calls on the Minister for Priority Precincts, Gavin Jennings, and Development Victoria,  not to renew the Walker Kew Cottages Contract when the current contract expires on 31 Dec 2020.


7pm   Wednesday 26th February 2020
Important Information Update

Invitation to Kew Cottages Public
                            Meeting Wed 26 Feb 2020

Melways  Map 45 D6

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Friday 20th February  2020

Canary Island Pine Heritage Tree 191
                            Stage 8 2020

Photo: Walker Development Stage 8
Proposed Oakwood Apartments site
Main Drive Kew 3101

Heritage Tree 191-  the Canary Island Pine,  on the left in this picture appears to have died in a very similar circumstances  to a Bishops Pine that was found to be infested with the deadly pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi after construction works began in February 2006

Read more>>

View Channel 10 TV News: Threat to Yarra Bend Park  Monday 10 July 2006 >>>

The Canary Island Pine Tree below is much to closer (approx 50m) to Yarra Bend Park than the Bishops Pine that was located further to the east on Main Drive Kew

Heritage Canary Island Pine Tree
Photo: New Tree Fencing installed around Tree 191, (Sunday 16 February 2020)

Following Kew Cottages Coalition Stop work call, Thursday 13 February 2020

Walker's Oakwood Apartment Observation tower was suddenly removed, and new

Tree Protection fencing was installed  around the dead Canary Island Pine Tree 191

Thursday  13th February 2020

Threat of deadly plant pathogen

resurfaces at Kew Cottages Development.

Media Release


Mr. Walsh said, "It beggars belief that a nationally recognised threat abatement plan that has operated on a State Government major project for over a decade suddenly appears to have ceased without any warning to the public!"

Oakwood Sales Office

Root Detail

Monday 10th February 2020

Residents remain confused because Heritage Permit Conditions for the proposed Oakwood apartments clearly state that works are not to begin before a series of safeguards to ensure the long term protection of  the trees have been satisfied.

(Heritage Permit 26760)

Yet none of these safeguards yet appear to be in place.

There are:

  • No plant quarantine facilities

  • No Phytophthora cinnamomi  warning notices.

  • No new Permit  details

The new Stage 8 works appear to be in breach of the Heritage Act - just like the excavations  in January 2019

Canary Island Pine now appears dead

Photos: New works begin, Walker Corporation's proposed Oakwood Apartments site, 1 Main Drive Kew, Monday 10 February 2020

Boring Machine
Photo: Boring Machine,  1 Main Drive, Monday 10 February 2020

February  2020

Walker Development Stage 8

New excavation works commence

Proposed Oakwood Apartments Site,

1 Main Drive Kew,

 The iconic Canary Island Pine  (Heritage Tree 191) now appears dead.

Despite this, no protection measures appear to have been put place for neighbouring heritage trees.

Instead, Walker have erected a lookout tower alongside their Oakwood Apartments Sales office (see below)

Canary Island Pine now appears dead
Photo: Main Drive Kew, 12 Feb 2020

Monday 7th October  2019

Vale Max Jackson, Former CEO of Kew Cottages

Max Jackson Photo in the Sunday Age

Max Jackson , The Melbourne Sunday Age, Mar 2017. Photo: Joe Armao


Some sad news from Kew Cottages Coalition

Max Jackson, Former CEO of Kew Cottages, and a founding member of the KCC has died of cancer at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne.

"Max was a lovely guy and terrific advocate for the intellectually disabled. Max was a fantastic supporter of the KCC and all that we are fighting for,"  said Brian Walsh, President, Kew Cottages Coalition.

"Max never complained about his illness. He was always there when others needed help. The Kew Cottages Coalition will forever be in his debt," Brian said.

When The Sunday Age ran its front page story , "Where's the Money from Kew Cottages" in March 2017, Max was there among the dilapidated heritage buildings to tell The Sunday Age and Victorian taxpayers how they had all been duded by successive governments.

Max explained that, "The Kew project was supposed to be the revitalisation of disability services."

"However, standing on the periphery of the redevelopment it appears that transparency has been the loser, and Walker the big winner."

"This government has an opportunity to rectify a lack of transparency by successive governments and ministers," Max  said.

He called on the Andrews government to "come clean".

The Sunday Age Editorial said Max was right on the money..

" ....If the government truly wishes to learn from the experience of the development at Kew Cottages, an independent inquiry should be established into the outcome. At the very least, the auditor-general should be asked to examine the circumstances surrounding the deal," The Sunday Age said.

We will remember him...


Tuesday 16th August  2019

Tree191 Dieback Aug 2019

Walker's Proposed Apartment Site

 1 Main Drive

The Heritage listed Canary Island Pine Tree 191

is now suffering from significant dieback

The Tree 191 is a short distance down hill from the site of the illegal excavations that took place a few months previously

(January 2019)

Tuesday 30th April  2019
Parliament of Victoria

Richard Wynne
Richard Wynne, Victorian Minister for Planning,

20190430 Hansard Extract Richard


Wednesday 20th March  2019
Parliament of Victoria

Clifford Hayes
Clifford Hayes, MLC, Southern Metropolitan, Sustainable Australia

 Tuesday 5th 
March  2019

Progress Leader

Fresh claim on heritage fight

Developer allegedly ‘damaged Kew Cottages site’

Shelby Brooks

An activist group has accused developers of breaching the Heritage Act at the former Kew Cottages site.

The Kew Cottages Coalition held a public meeting on February 26 to discuss alleged “unauthorised excavations” by developers Walker Corporation which president Brian Walsh said happened on January 21.

“Walker Corporation apparently breached the Victorian Heritage Act by drilling bore holes in a very sensitive heritage area without a permit,” he said.

“Developers always appear to be trying to cut corners — it’s not safe, it’s not fair, it’s got to stop.”

Mr Walsh said he had lodged a complaint to Heritage Victoria regarding the alleged illegal works.

Last year the Heritage Council overruled Heritage Victoria’s refusal of permission for a three storey and basement apartment building on the site, a decision slammed by Boroondara Council.

Sustainable Australia member for Southern Metropolitan region Clifford Hayes has said he would “fight tooth and nail” to have the planning controls returned to Boroondara Council “so that the voice of the community is heard”.

“This 27ha landscape is one of the few pristine, culturally significant spaces of open land left in the area, and it should be protected,” he said.

Walker Corporation spokesman Tim Allerton said the project started in 2006 under multiple permits, including “both planning approvals and heritage approvals.

“Walker Corporation continues to work closely with all appropriate approval authorities with respect to the development of the Kew Project.”

Fresh claim on heritage fight - Progress Leader, 3/5/2019

Click here for Hard Copy >

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Kew Public Meeting

Motions passed Unanimously


The following Motions were passed unanimously by the Meeting:

1. That the Victorian Government and Development Victoria must immediately cease all further development at the Kew Cottages Development site.

2. That the Victorian Government  must immediately reinstate Boroondara Council as the Planning Authority for the Kew Cottages site.

3. That the Victorian Government must ensure that Heritage Victoria is provided with adequate funding to both:
    • proactively inspect and monitor compliance with heritage permits; and to
    • properly enforce and defend its decisions in the public interest.

7pm  Tuesday 26th February 2019
Important Information Update

Download 26 Feb 2019 Power Point Presentation Print Version  here

February 2019 Newsletter

Melways  Map 45 D6

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Download PDF

Download Feb 2019 Newsletter Print Version  here

Rod Quantock, MC

Guest Speakers:
Clifford Hayes MLC
Cr Phillip Healey

Download Email
Heritage Victoria, response to unauthorised works at Kew Cottages, 25 Feb 2019


Monday 21st January  2019

Stage 8 Works 21 Jan 2019

Excavations and tree trimming observed on Walker's proposed apartment site

Stage 8 ExcavationsStage 8 Excavations

Kew Cottages Coalition lodges an official complaint to Heritage Victoria.


Kew Cottages Remix

From The Archives...


Monday 20th February 2012

The Mayne Report

A cracking public meeting over Lang Walker's Kew Cottages fiasco

Stephen Mayne

I've been to some lively public meetings in my time but few rank alongside last Thursday night's community meeting over the 27ha Kew Cottages site being developed by colourful Sydney billionaire Lang Walker.

The site has a sordid history of broken promises, excessive secrecy and utterly inappropriate political donations by Walker, who even sent Graham Richardson down from Sydney to try and bang a few Labor heads together.

Once the Brumby Government was defeated, things were meant to get better.

Alas, whilst local member and Justice Minister Andrew McIntosh repeatedly called the Labor government's contract with Walker "an abomination" he hid behind so-called "sovereign risk" arguments in justifying little change and the non-release of the contract.

Health Minister David Davis, an upper house member for the region which includes leafy Kew, made the incredible claim that he supported Boroondara Council's recent litigation over Walker's attempts to have nature strips classified as public open space. He even called on Boroondara's Green mayor Heinz   to further explain what was happening?

It wasn't until Davis had left the meeting that Mayor Kreutz explained that council had only obtained legal advice and this had strongly argued against actually launching litigation.

Given that Kew Cottages is state government land and the previous government kicked the council totally out of the process, it was incredible to have Ted Baillieu's factional enforcer somehow calling on the council to explain what was going on. Mayor Kreutz just asked that the government reinstate the council as the relevant planning authority.

Both McIntosh and Davis came across as being poorly briefed on the whole situation, which is ultimately in the hands of Major Projects Minister Denis Napthine.

The Baillieu Government is badly split on planning issues. Planning Minister Matthew Guy is strongly pro-development, yet Baillieu himself is hugely conservative and believes passionately in preserving Federation suburbs which dominate the Boroondara landscape and includes his Hawthorn electorate.

Throw in a whole bunch of angry new residents who are opposed to ongoing disability services being provided on the historic site and cranky with Walker for failing to deliver their long-promised pool, gym and cafe, and you have one almighty mess.

Surely the Baillieu government should just write a cheque to make Lang Walker go away and then completely go back to the drawing board with a new masterplan for the site which involves Boroondara Council at every level.

Read the Full Edition >>
Link: http://www.maynereport.com/articles/2012/02/18-1643-8209.html

Mayne Report Donate   


Don't Screw Kew Kew Cottages February 2012  Newsletter

Download PDF  Print Version

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The Baillieu Government promised Disabled a real Alternative at Kew


Failed to Deliver...
Lift the veil of secrecy on Kew Development Contract arrangements

Insist on developer fulfilling all its contractual obligations including preservation of 40% of the site as open space and
Restore the recreation building  that was demolished in breach of contract. (The Hamer Centre)
Support the Kew Coalition 5 Point Plan*
Refer Kew Cottages Development to Anti-Corruption Commission by July 2011 Failed

The story so far...

  125 Years Ago, way back in 1887,  Kew Cottages was Australia's  first 'Government Insurance Policy' for intellectually disabled kids and their families.

It offered asylum for the children on a significant piece of Public Land outside of the walls of the Willsmere that was permanently reserved by an Act of Parliament for the intellectually disabled.

Today, Kew Cottages is like a "canary down a coal mine".  Over the past ten years nearly half of the the 27 hectares of Public Land surrounding the Cottages in 2001 has been progressively sold off by the Bracks, Brumby, and Baillieu Governments in a most disturbing manner. The 'State Government Insurance Policy' for intellectually disabled kids and their families looks decidedly battered and bruised.

In 2008 concerns were raised by a Parliamentary Inquiry that the Government sell-off of the Kew Public Land was shrouded in secrecy and not in the public interest. The Inquiry also expressed concern that two property developers involved with the Kew Public Land deal, Walker Corporation and Mirvac,  had both made large political donations to the Victorian ALP days before the 2006 State Election.

At the end of 2008 Parliament instructed the Victorian Ombudsman to investigate the probity of the Victorian Government's Kew Cottage's contract, including the role of lobbyist Graham Richardson in the deal.

At the time of the November 2010 State Election there was a strong smell of corruption in the air. The Brumby Government was voted out of office, and the incoming Baillieu Government made an election promise to refer numerous concerns about the redevelopment of Kew Cottages to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission that Baillieu promised to establish by July 2011.

The Baillieu Government also promised that, subject to any contractual obligations to the contrary,  all of the remaining Kew Cottages Public Land would be listed on a new Victorian Register of Significant Public Land.

In February 2011 a Public Meeting convened at the Kew Civic Centre endorsed the Baillieu Government policy. The Public Meeting also called on the Government to impose an immediate moratorium on further Public Land sales at Kew Cottages, and to implement all of the Recommendations of both the Victorian Ombudsman's Inquiry, and the Victorian Public Land Inquiry. Read More >>

However, after a year in power, the Baillieu Government has comprehensively failed to deliver on its election promise for Kew Cottages.

And while the Government has so far failed to set up its promised Anti-Corruption Commission, and failed to preserve Public Open Space, it has continued to develop, approve,  and sell off Kew Cottages Public Land.

 Don't Screw KewThe Challenge for Change. 
<< 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010  2011 2012 NOW! >>

2011 Ted
                                                Baillieu and Lang
                                                Walker 2012 The Developer's Contract
Lang Walker, Kew Development Corporation  & Ted Baillieu, Premier of Victoria

It is January 2012 and it is still not too late to achieve a better outcome at Kew Cottages because the Government still owns the land...



Monday 10th July 2006

Melbourne Channel 10 TV News Reports

"Yarra Bend Park May Now Be Under Threat"
Deadly Tree Disease
Kew Cottages

View  Windows Media 
wmv video file (1min39s):
mp3 file

(Archive ..)
Bracks Government Cover up on
Threat to Yarra ?

Tuesday 14th March 2006

Brian Walsh tells the ABC's 774, Jon Faine, he is astounded that the Government now claims it was unaware of the discovery of the fungus at Kew Cottages. Walsh says the Government claim is nonsense, "our information is that they have known for weeks.. " (see below)

Listen to the full Interview mp3 audio (2min 34s): mp3 file

Herald Sun 14.3.2006 p.31

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